Why Choose Tradewind Seafood?Why Choose Tradewind Seafood

We provide the highest quality Sea Urchins (Uni) and Abalone (Awabi) from the Channel Islands located off the coast of Santa Barbara in Southern California.

The Sea Urchin (Uni) from Santa Barbara’s Channel Islands are known for their rich and creamy flavors that melt in your mouth. This is because the sweetness and taste of the Santa Barbara Uni is unmatched when compared to other Uni harvested around the world. Uni, traditionally used in sushi, can also be used in various ways; such as appetizers, condiments and can commonly be found as a key ingredient for specialty sauces. Because of Uni’s rich and distinct flavor, it has been featured as an ingredient on television food programs such as the Food Network’s Iron Chef America and The Best Of. At Tradewind Seafood, we have provided the highest quality Uni to local Japanese restaurants and customers around the US and Japan for over 30 years.

Abalones (Awabi) have been a delicacy in Asia for centuries and have been gaining popularity in the US over the past several decades. The live farmed abalones that we provide are raised in Santa Barbara, CA and kept alive and fresh until they are ready to be shipped. In order to maintain the freshness throughout the entire shipping process we have developed a shipping method to ensure the Abalone’s quality upon delivery.