California Abalone with Shell 2pcs (Frozen, Farm-raised)


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Item Description

Frozen farm-raised California Abalone with Shell
*Available for both Local & Nationwide deliveries!

2pcs /pack (Approx. 0.35lbs)

Farm-raised California Awabi (abalone) freshly frozen! You can enjoy it as abalone sashimi which has a crunchy texture and tastes of the sea!

*We recommend to slowly defrost the abalone in the refrigerator, rinse it under cold water to remove any dirt that you can scrub off, and wipe the surface with paper towel.
*After defrosting, consume it as soon as possible especially when you eat it as sashimi.
*We do not recommend to refreeze the abalone after thawed.

カリフォルニア産  冷凍 養殖アワビ  貝付
※Local & Nationwide 両方でご利用いただけます

2個入り (約158g)


* 解凍時は、冷蔵庫でゆっくりと解凍いただくことをお勧めいたします。