Super Frozen Blue Fin Tuna “Otoro” (Fatty Tuna)



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Item Description

Super Frozen Blue Fin Fatty Tuna (Otoro)
*Available for both Local & Nationwide deliveries!
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The most prized part from the inside of the tuna’s belly, Otoro farm-raised in Turkey and processed in Misaki, Japan!
Experience this well-marbled Otoro which has sweetness in the marble parts and melts in your mouth
It can be served as sashimi or slightly seared with blow torch to enjoy a different texture.

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*Please expect that you may find bones in the fish

* Be aware that the color or fattiness of Otoro may vary as it is natural product.

*This super frozen tuna is stored at -70 degrees F and easily affected by sudden temperature changes. It should never be thawed on the counter or in hot water and must not be left at room temperature.

Please store the vacuum sealed fish in a freezer immediately after receiving the product and up until you are ready to eat.

*A regular household freezer will be too warm for the super frozen tuna, so consume the tuna stored in the freezer within 1 week of receiving the product

*When defrosting, the surface and center may turn brown due to temperature change. As long as you defrost in an appropriate way, There is no problem with the quality.

超低温 本マグロ  大トロ
* Local & Nationwide 両方でご利用いただけます

トルコ産 養殖マグロで、日本で加工しております。




※超低温 -70℉で冷凍されているマグロのため、温度変化に弱く、特にカウンターに置いて常温で放置したり、またはお湯での解凍はしないでください。