“Kinmedai” Golden Eye Snapper Sashimi – Frozen, Farmed in Japan


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Farmed Japanese Golden Eye Snapper “Kinmedai” Sashimi (Frozen) 

Our sashimi grade farm raised Golden Eye Snapper, or Kinmedai, is a tender, fatty fish. Delicate and savory, it is delicious as sashimi or carpaccio, or seared with a blowtorch. Kinmedai is prized by sushi chefs for its complex and unique taste, and is found in many of the 5-star omakase bars.

Our Kinmedai comes sliced and preserved with a liquid based flash freezing method. This freezes the fish much faster than traditional flash freezing, and keeps the fish at a higher quality with a fresher taste without any preservatives to retain color.

To prepare, soak the entire package in cold water in the sink for 30-60 minutes, depending on the size. Open the package, optionally pat down to remove excess moisture, and enjoy!
*Prices may fluctuate due to market demand..

Keep a consistent tempreture. If product is not cold to the touch upon receipt, do not consume. Consume within one month of receipt. Store in the freezer until about to prepare. Do not remove product from plastic packaging to defrost. Defrost in cold water for 1-2 hours before consumption. Do not refreeze.

日本産金目鯛 お刺身カット済み(冷凍・養殖)

柔らかくて上品な脂身が口の中で広がる、高級魚 金目鯛のお刺身を、ご自宅で気軽にお召し上がりいただける嬉しい一品です。




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