(Seasonal) Live Wild Purple Sea Urchin (20 pcs)

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 Live Wild Purple Sea Urchin (20 pieces)

**This product is not available year round due to natural spawning cycle of the purple sea urchins during the spring months. Peak season for Santa Barbara Uni is from July to January

Available for Nationwide Shipping Only!

Harvested from the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, our Live Wild Purple Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) are hand picked by local divers and offloaded onto our trucks at the docks. They are then transported to our facility in Oxnard, CA where they are kept alive until they get to you! Eating them helps the environment and has a minimal carbon footprint.

Giant Kelp forests (Macrocystis pyrifera) are invaluable in supporting our surrounding ecosystems, including Sea Urchins. Due to climate change and the resulting death of Sunflower Stars (Pycnopodia helianthoides), the Purple Sea Urchin population has exploded in recent years, leading to Purple Sea Urchins in particular decimating the local kelp forests. Please help heal our local kelp forests by eating the Purple Sea Urchin’s delicious roe!

Our Purple Sea Urchins come to you live and unprocessed, the freshest you could possibly get without catching them yourself! Once cut open and cleaned, they are ready to eat right out of the shell. You can enjoy the bright yellow/orange colored roe with its firm texture and slightly nutty flavor. The flavor is set apart from the Red Sea Urchin that makes up our Premium and Platinum trays. As with all of our products, we do not pack them until the order is received in order to ensure the highest possible freshness of the product.

**As this product is live and unprocessed, consume within 24 hours of receiving the product.

**Although our divers hand pick the highest quality purple sea urchins possible, it is still an unprocessed product. Please keep in mind that the roe inside may not be perfect, but it is all safe to consume.

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