“Aka Ebi” Red Shirmp Sashimi – Frozen, Wild from Argentina


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Sashimi Grade Argentinian Red Shrimp “Aka Ebi”

4.41 LBS box(about 40-50pieces)

Sea frozen Argentinian Red Shrimp. Known as Aka Ebi in Japanese cuisine, these sushi grade shrimp can be eaten raw but tastes delicious cooked or lightly grilled. The red color of the shrimp is from their diet and although they looked cooked  in the pictures they are not. Sweet and tender, they go well with your favorite caviar or our Fresh Santa Barbara Uni.

* This food item contains raw ingredients and may be served undercooked/raw. Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish may increase your risk for foodborne illness; especially if you have a medical condition.

Keep a consistent temperatures. If product is not cold to the touch upon receipt, do not consume. Consume within one week of receipt. Store in the freezer until about to prepare. Remove from packaging to defrost. Defrost in cold water for 1-2 hours before consumption. Do not refreeze.

お刺身用 アルゼンチン産  赤エビ

約2kg (約 40-50個入り)




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L1 size (30-40pcs), L2 size (40-50pcs)

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