Organic Santa Barbara Ensui Uni Premium (100g)


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Santa Barbara water pack Premium Grade Ensui Uni (Organic)

100g /pack

To preserve the freshest taste of the ocean, our sea urchin is harvested off the waters of Santa Barbara/Channel Islands and brought straight to our facility.  It is then cracked, cleaned, and returned to salt water with no added preservatives.  Experience the flavors of eating live, fresh sea urchins without having to clean up the mess!

**As this product is organic, consume within 24 hours of receiving the product.

*Store the package in the coldest place in the refrigerator, or cover it with ice and store in the refrigerator.

*Do not dispose of the salt water in the package, as it can be used to store any remaining sea urchin. However, please consume any leftovers within 24 hours of receiving the product.

サンタバーバラ産 塩水ウニ  プレミアムグレード(100g)



**保存料が入っていないオーガニック製品のため、製品お受け取り後 24時間以内にお召し上がりください。

一度に食べきらない場合、容器の塩水は捨てず、残ったウニを再度保存する際の保存水としてご使用ください。再保存後でも、製品お受け取り後 24時間以内にはお召し上がりください。

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