Rock Lobster Tails – Frozen, Wild from Ecuador


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Wild-caught Ecuador Rock Lobster Tail (Frozen, for cooking)

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Ecuador Rock Lobster Tail has nicely firm meat and a hint of sweetness without strong fishy smell.
You can enjoy a simple recipe like sprinkle some salt, grill in the oven and then after cooked, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top. It’s super easy and tastes so good!
It’s also great for lobster rolls, garlic butter grilled lobster tail, or Uni & lobster pasta!
Enjoy your way of lobster tail recipes with our Ecuador Rock Lobster Tail!

10LBS box in each size also available!

* This product is not for consumed raw. Please cook thoroughly.

* Keep a consistent tempreture. If product is not cold to the touch upon receipt, do not consume. Consume within one month of receipt. Store in the freezer until about to prepare. Remove from packaging to defrost. Defrost in cold water for 1-2 hours before consumption. Do not refreeze.

* Preservative: Sodium metabisulfite

加熱調理用 エクアドル産  天然ロックロブスターテイル (冷凍)


弊社で取り扱う冷凍エクアドル産  天然ロックロブスターテイルは、肉厚でほのかな甘みがあり、


サイズ別 10LBS箱売りはこちら





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