“Unagi” Fresh Water Eel – Frozen, Farmed in Japan


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Frozen Grilled freshwater Eel (Unagi no Kabayaki) from Japan

Approx. 9oz/ pack (Around 2 servings)

Farmed Japanese Eel (Unagi) grilled and nicely seasoned with special Unagi sauce in Japan. The soft, fluffy and flaky texture is just like freshly grilled Unagi.
Unagi sauce has sweet and savory flavor that goes well with freshly cooked white rice!
This authentic quality brings you the feeling of being served at an authentic Unagi restaurant in Japan.

  1. Warm up the Unagi in microwave oven to defrost. *Please be careful of overheating
  2. Broil with skin side up. We recommend broiling for about 8 minutes.
  3. Enjoy with rice!

Keep a consistent temperature. If product is not cold to the touch upon receipt, do not consume. Consume within one month of receipt. Store in the freezer until about to prepare. Do not remove product from plastic packaging to defrost. Defrost in cold water for 1-2 hours before consumption. Do not refreeze.

冷凍 日本産 鰻のかば焼き

約9oz /枚 (約2人前)

日本産 養殖ウナギのかば焼きです。

  1. パッケージのまま電子レンジであたため解凍します ※温めすぎにご注意ください
  2. 解凍後、皮を上向きにした状態で8分程度 (またはお好きな程度)ブロイルで焼き上げます
  3. ご飯と一緒にお召し上がりください。
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